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Rebuilding Burnt Bridges – Part Two

Several weeks ago I wrote a post called Rebuilding Burnt Bridges¬†where I talked about how Chris tormented Frankie for weeks after we adopted him but then had a change of heart and decided he wanted to be friends with Frankie. Unfortunately, that came too late and Frankie didn’t trust him. Not only that, whenever Chris tried to be nice, Frankie would attack him.

Since that post Chris has continued in his efforts to make peace and lately I have seen signs that things are getting better. They still fight, and Frankie is by no means ready to be Chris’s best buddy, but there are occasions when Chris moves in close to Frankie and Frankie doesn’t attack him. Indeed, sometimes he doesn’t leave either. I know it is not much but it is much better than what we have been used to seeing. Chris may be a bad cat but he has a good heart and sometimes it shows.

Our cats Puck, Chris and Frankie.

I was shocked to see this scene yesterday. They are actually sleeping while touching each other.

Our cats Chris and Frankie.

Sorry about the quality but needed to get a quick picture of this before it was over.


Rebuilding Burnt Bridges

When we adopted Frankie, Chris behaved very uncharacteristically toward him. He did whatever he could to show Frankie he was not a welcome cat (See here). Eventually Chris accepted Frankie’s presence and took steps toward making peace with him but unfortunately Chris burned those bridges. Frankie turned the tables on him and became the aggressor and started attacking Chris on a regular basis.

Lately things have settled down a bit and I see Chris’s efforts are starting to pay off. Yes, there are still fights. Some of those fights are even started by Chris, but more and more I see the two of them hanging out relatively close without one trying to whack the other. Perhaps there is hope for the future.

Cats Frankie and Chris

We weren’t fighting. We were just meowing. Honest.

Cats Frankie and Chris

I’d like to be your friend, Frankie, but first I must smell your butt.