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My Wife, the Cat Photographer

The other day my wife, Rose, decided to give her iPad to her sister since she never uses it anymore. She asked me to remove all of her information but when I started to do that I noticed she had over a hundred photos, many of them were pictures of our cats from 2016.

I wanted to transfer the photos to my desktop computer but I was reminded over and over why I hate Apple. They have a reputation for being easy but I have always found the opposite to be true. I couldn’t access the files by plugging the iPad directly to my computer so I uploaded them to iCloud but when I tried to access them on my web browser I was informed that only an Apple device could view them.

I could go on and on but I eventually got the photos and I want to share some of them with you.

This first one is Frankie doing what Frankie does. It is a bit grainy, probably because of poor lighting.

Frankie 2016/01/16

The next one is Frankie on one of his favorite napping spots; our printer. I have since put a towel over it to make it more comfortable.

Frankie 2016/01/23

This is Floki the day after we adopted him.

Floki 2016/07/05

Here is Frankie again. This was shortly after we adopted Floki and everyone picked up an eye infection from him. I think it was also the first time Chris went to the vet for a medical issue.

Floki again five weeks after adoption. Notice his brown color is coming in.

Floki 2016/08/10

My wife works from home a few days a week. In this photo, she is with another person that I don’t know and had to crop her out. It looks like Chris is helping her here.

Chris 2016/08/16

Here is Frankie and Floki keeping Rose company while she works.

Frankie and Floki 2016/09/12

The next photos are of Chris at the vet for an eye infection that he got from Floki. I won’t include those because I already posted them. You can see them here.

Here is another example of how helpful Chris is to Rose. I’m sure she gets a lot more done when Chris is around.

Chris 2016/10/07

These next two were taken on the same day. The first is my favorite. It is Frankie and Floki enjoying the sunbeam.

Frankie and Floki 2016/11/21

Here is Chris enjoying the sunbeam while Floki naps in his shadow.

Chris and Floki 2016/11/21

Here is Frankie, Chris, and Floki. Naturally, Chris has to be lying on top of someone.

Frankie, Chris and Floki

Here is a photo that is grainy but it includes all of our boys.

Frankie, Floki, Chris and Puck 2016/12/09

Finally, here is a photo of Frankie, Floki and Chris on the bed next to what I assume are Christmas presents waiting to be wrapped.

Frankie, Floki and Chris 2016/12/16

What do you think? Do I need to worry about my job as blog photographer?

Remembering 2016

I read that WordPress is not going to do the traditional Annual Report this year so I guess I will have to improvise and do my own review.

I thought I would first post some of the best photos from the Bad Cat Chris blog starting in January.

It was nice to see Chris and Frankie getting along

Cats close together

Chris is our resident lap cat.

Bad cat chris on my lap

Some days the excitement was just exhausting.Cat Frankie

In June I changed jobs and had to say goodbye to the feral cats that I was feeding. I really miss them.20160302_Ferals_3852

After seven years, Chris is still a biter.


Even with the addition of our kitten, Floki, I still think Frankie is our most photogenic cat.

cat Frankie in bag

Puck is not too happy at the vet.


One of Frankie’s many escapes in 2016. He knows I can’t catch him under vehicles.


Frankie may be photogenic but Chris knows how to be cute.

cat sleeping

This is a rare group shot of all of our cats (at the time).


Frankie likes to stick out his tongue.Frankie the cat with flowers

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers.

Bad Cat Chris

On July 4th we adopted our kitten, Floki.

Siamese Kitten

Our kitten Floki

Six months later and Chris and Frankie are still getting along.Gold cats

Floki has to get his shots at the vet and he is a bit nervous.

Kitten Floki on my shoulders

Chris has no problem letting me know that I am starving him.

cat Chris waiting at food bowl.

Floki and Frankie being cute.

kitten Floki


Floki came to our house with an eye issue and soon everyone had it.

Bad Cat Chris with eye infection



More cuteness.

cat puck

cat Frankie showing belly

Siamese kitten Floki

bad cat chris outside


Floki the kitten sleeping

cat Frankie with tongue out

Pucks favorite spot.

Cat Puck on cabinet

Frankie the stunt cat shows off his skills.

cat on door

Chris is not content with dominating just Puck.

Cats on kitchen utility cart

After a “good” period, Chris shows he can still be “bad.”

cat Chris in cabinet

Floki challenges Frankie for most photogenic.

kitten Floki playing in cat tunnel

Floki challenges Frankie for stunt cat of the house.


Here are some stats for 2016

That is about it for this year. I hope you have enjoyed reading about Bad Cat Chris, Puck, Frankie and Floki. I wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017. I hope to continue to see you then. Also, if you missed it, check out my new photo blog at charleshuss.wordpress.com.