Nurse Frankie

My wife has been sick since Sunday and by Tuesday evening I started to develop symptoms. I tried to get a Covid test on Wednesday but that proved too difficult so I tried again Thursday. It took three and a half hours but I learned I was Covid positive.

My symptoms have been relatively mild with one exception. I seem to get nauseous sometimes when I stand up for more than a couple of minutes. I didn’t know nausea was a Covid symptom but now I do.

Frankie has been very good about showing that he cares and is usually there to comfort me when I don’t feel well. They say a cat’s purr has healing powers. I believe it.

The weird thing is, other than the nausea, my wife has been hit harder than me and she is the vaccinated one.


30 thoughts on “Nurse Frankie

  1. Leah

    I’m sorry to hear this and I wish you both a rapid recovery. Nurse Frankie should be an enormous help. BTW I am sorry to have missed so many posts I have been ill myself since mid Oct and still have a long recovery ahead. (Non covid related.)

  2. David

    They (infectious disease specialists) are trying to figure that out, why someone is more sick than the other. The answer, “it’s genetics” is one of the poorest answers around. I’m glad you and Rose are much better.


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