More Outside Adventures

I want to first thank everyone who wished me well during my Covid adventure. My wife and I are fine now and I went back to work yesterday.

While I was out sick, Frankie hounded me to take him outside. I finally gave in and took him out on Sunday. It is amazing how loud he is until that door opens and then not a peep.

Once we got outside, he first had to inspect Rose’s car.

We then walked around the neighborhood, stopping at every plant that smelled interesting.

When it was Chris’s turn to go outside he did his usual happy roll.

It didn’t take him long after that to find the catnip plant that I am growing.

Now that he knows it is there he will probably make a beeline for it next time he goes outside.


20 thoughts on “More Outside Adventures

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy’s nip plant is frozen solid in the front garden but he knows the spot where it will “regrow” in the Spring and he keeps a close eye on it – just in case. The dirt is rock solid though so no chance of some little bit peeking out – “hope springs eternal” for Teddy though. Love the photos and so happy to hear you and Rose are OK.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you, Pam. I am reminded of my dog Tasha when I was young. One day, after a big snowstorm, she trudged through the snow in our yard and started digging. The snow was high so it took a while but finally she pulled out a frozen piece of bread. I can’t imagine how she smelled it from across the yard. Perhaps she saw my mother throw it out for the birds and remembered.

  2. Doug Thomas

    Glad to read you got outside for fresh air and a walk with the kitties! Surviving COVID-19 is a good enough reason to celebrate your recovery, but you did it the best way possible!

    Unlike dog walks, a kitty walk is a different level of “forward march!” and “wait a moment while I really scrutinize this blade of grass for evidence of that tuxedo cat I see outside the window all the time…”

    When I had Louie the ginger tabby, I had lots of very interesting cat walks. His successors never got to spend time outdoors unsupervised or on a leash since I decided they would be spared the vicissitudes black cats suffer in an ignorant world.


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