Frankie is a Work of Art

Here is a post for Throwback Thursday featuring a hand drawing of Frankie back in April of 2015. The artist that drew it had a blog that, unfortunatly, is no longer being updated.

Bad Cat Chris

Recently, I started following a blog called One Drawing Daily. The author and artist, Thomas, committed himself to draw everyday to improve his skills.

I paused after writing that first sentence because I realized I never saw his first drawings and I wanted to see how much he has improved. After looking, I believe he has improved but he also started out 100 times more artistically talented than I am now.

Anyway, after following his blog I also liked his Facebook page where he mentioned he was taking requests for drawings. Naturally, I sent him a request and he responded yesterday with this beautiful drawing of Frankie. You may have seen it before on the post “Could This be the End of Outside Adventures?
2015_04_29 Frankie - Drawn by Thomas from onedrawingdaily dot comI think it is a beautiful rendition. What do you think? If you like it, perhaps you can leave a comment on his post

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