Frankie Escapes Again

My wife called me at work yesterday to tell me that Frankie escaped. She said she had a hair appointment at 4:00 and if he wasn’t back by then she would have to leave him outside. I looked at my watch. It was just after 1:30. If I hurried I might be able to get all of my important work done and get home before she left.

Fortunately, she called me back at 3:00 to tell me that he was back. She said she opened the window on the door a few inches and the put a chair in front of it. Of course, Chris and Floki jumped at the chance to get a good smell out the window.

Rose was hoping to use them as Frankie detectors and it worked. When Frankie showed up Chris started growling and hissing which prompted Rose to get up and let him in

Not long after I got home, I noticed how comfortable Frankie was and wondered why he is always trying to get out.

He should know by now that there’s no place like home.


26 thoughts on “Frankie Escapes Again

  1. onespoiledcat

    I know if we opened our front door Ted would be out there in a second……we know he was a feral before we adopted him so it’s just part of his world – freedom and outside in all kinds of weather. We allow him that freedom BUT with one of us always with him. Fortunately for us he never tries to go outside on his own – he cries until one of us goes out with him. We’re both home and retired so it’s easier for us to do that – you and Rose are busy and working so it’s different for you! Glad things worked out though and Frankie came back home where he belongs!!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. foguth

    Rumble and Merlin are in explorer phase. Fortunately, they know to stay in the back yard, so when it is cool in the morning, we can leave the sliding door open to allow them in and out… we also have the advantage of Rumble knowing to come when he is called… Merlin is still learning his name, but he shadows Rumble, so this works for us.


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