Another Feline Visitor

The window by my desk overlooks our back yard. From time to time I will see a white cat walk through our yard. I think I saw the same cat in our yard last winter so we must be part of her territory. Yesterday, Frankie and Floki were on the catio and I went out there to check on them. When I did, I noticed their attention fixed on the white cat.

Nobody was howling or hissing or making a fuss. They were just looking at each other.

The last time this happened with another cat it was also a peaceful encounter. I speculated then that it must have been a female because another male would probably have elicited a different response. If I am right, this white cat is probably also a female. If anyone has a reason to confirm or reject my hypothesis, I would like to hear about it.


21 thoughts on “Another Feline Visitor

  1. claire93

    not honestly sure that it makes a difference whether visitor is male or female. Our neighbours have 2 females, and when our male cats spot them, lots of hissing goes on. Whereas, in a previous home, there was an old male stray that actually used to come in the house through the cat flap, and our cats (3 males & 1 female) didn’t bat an eyelid.

  2. Summer

    I wonder! I do want to say, I loved the kittens hanging out at my patio, and would watch them with lots of interest! They haven’t been around as much lately – I think the painters upset their routine. Plus my human doesn’t feed them anymore, now that they’ve been fixed. (The neighbor feeds them instead.)

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      It is cool to see them come around. I feel bad that they are homeless but as long as someone is taking care of them it is okay. Some cats, I think, would prefer to be in a colony that is being taken care of then to be inside without acess to the outside.


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