The Problems of Getting Old

Chris has been very reluctant to go up and down the stairs these last couple of weeks and I find myself having to carry him up and down so he can join the family. Occasionally, he will make the trip on his own, like he did Friday evening.

I was very happy to see him go up the stairs on his own but watching him made me worry even more. He seemed to be limping up the steps, although I don’t know exactly what limping up stairs looks like with a cat but I would guess that is what he was doing. He seemed to dip down further on the right which made me think he was having pain in his right front leg.

I decided to go on Amazon and look for something that might help. I found Joint Support Chews that have Glucosamine, Omega3, and other stuff. The link above is an affiliate link so you can see what I ordered but since I have not received it yet I can’t recommend it.

Yesterday afternoon I carried Chris downstairs so he could be with the rest of the family. I set him down at the foot of the stairs and tried to show him the door to the catio was open. I wanted to see him walk but he just sat there. After more prompting he walked toward me but I didn’t notice a limp this time.

He stopped in front of the empty food bowls and tried to send me a psychic message but I pretended not to notice.

Eventually he went outside and later came upstairs on his own when I wasn’t watching so I don’t know what to think now. I guess I will just keep an eye on him and hope the Chews help.


23 thoughts on “The Problems of Getting Old

  1. Doug Thomas

    Being old and creaky myself, I can guess that the time he made it up the stairs by himself was one where he realized that he had to tough it out or have to stay where he was since no one was there to help. Will power over pain!

  2. onespoiledcat

    I’m going to guess those chews will help. His last year or so Sammy had Cosequin which was recommended by our vet. It did seem to help – same ingredients humans take for arthritis issues. Sam had issues with stairs too but was much better with the supplements. Your purchase looks like the same thing essentially so here’s hoping he will eat them like they are a “treat” and it will help.

    Hugs, Pam

  3. franhunne4u

    Like my good self Chris has a pound more to carry than his old joints do like. And I know you try to diminish his food intake and slim him a bit. As tough with a cat as it is with a human. I am no vet, my guess is arthritis or rather more likely arthrosis. With arthritis you could have luck and some med helps against the inflammation. With arthrosis your choices are tougher. Pain killers, physical therapy or, if nothing helps anymore, well, you know. He’s a little young for that ultimate step, I think.


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