Catio Time

Our cats are finally starting to enjoy our catio after the interruption of our dog visitors. It took Floki until Wednesday but once out, he loved it.

Frankie greets Floki

Frankie goes out more often than Chris or Floki, not because he likes it more but because he is the one most likely to be hanging out near the back door when somebody goes outside.

The weather is starting to cool down here and I expect we will be outside more often which means the cats will be outside more often too. Its a win win.

As a side note, we had people over for dinner yesterday and later that evening we were sitting on the catio and a very cut grey kitten came up on the step and peeked in through the screen door. I believe I saw another cat walk by before I saw that kitten but it was dark. I put my hand against the screen and he smelled me and then walked over to the edge of the catio. I wanted to go get treats for him but considering our limited time here it is not wise to get them dependent on us. Fortunately, our cats were not on the catio at the time.


23 thoughts on “Catio Time

  1. onespoiledcat

    It’s great they can SAFELY enjoy “outside” on the catio……it’s a nice big space for ALL of you to enjoy fresh air. A wonderful addition to the house. Nice to know there are other cats in the neighborhood too!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      There are many strays that are being fed. I think I mentioned last year that an old lady with a dozen or so cats died and her son just dumped the cats on the street. The lady across the alley feeds them and I think another person offers them shelter in his garage.

  2. Tuna Tunes

    It looks like a great place for the cats to escape the religious zealots and acolytes that go door to door promoting their trance of salvation.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think there is in the county but not in town. I believe the residents are taking care of the cats but after seeing a kitten the other day I wonder if they are having them fixed.


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