We’ve Created a Moster

Our new Cameo has been a great place for the cats to go. They really enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Frankie has become quite the pain. Now that he knows he can go out there, he won’t stop asking to go outside. Anytime I am anywhere near the back door there is a cascade of meowing from Frankie. He gets all excited like he does at the other house when he knows he’s going for a walk, but most of the time I am busy doing something else and don’t have time to sit out there with him.

Maybe soon I will feel comfortable leaving them out there without me being there. For a little while anyway, I want to make sure that nobody will scratch holes into the screen and escape.


21 thoughts on “We’ve Created a Moster

  1. onespoiledcat

    Your new catio is so nice – the gang loves being out there. Let’s hope you can “trust” them one of these days not to try to escape and just ENJOY the freedom to be out but in !

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Brian

    They sure love it out there. You need to get a Blink camera or two to monitor anything close to the screens, or a simple motion detector of some sort.


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