The Return of the Heated Pet Mat

A couple of years ago I reviewed the Art of Paws Heated Pet Mat. The cats seemed to like the mat but living in Florida we really didn’t have enough cold days for it to be useful. I think shortly after I got it I removed the heating part of it and just used it as a cat pad. We had it on our coffee table and Floki used it quite often there.

We brought it with us to West Virginia along with the heating element. I used it as a pad to one of the cat crates during the trip here and it fit perfectly.

When we got here and realized how cold it was I reinserted the heating element and plugged it in. It was a big success.

All three cats took turns lying on it and often there were two cats at a time on it. I have no photos of Floki lying on the mat for some reason but I assure you he was just as interested at Chris and Frankie.

We will be heading back to Florida on Saturday and I plan on bringing the pad with us but I will leave the heating element here.


26 thoughts on “The Return of the Heated Pet Mat

  1. KDKH

    We’ve set up heating pads in a couple of places for our senior cat. It’s cold enough here that even our young cat likes them. Sounds like you’re settling in just fine!

      1. KDKH

        My home office is in the coldest room of the house, and I’m always cold too. I finally bought a space heater for under my desk. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Florida this weekend!

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          Every room is the coldest room in the house. My wife and I reaffirmed today that this is a summer home. Next year we will be gone by Thanksgiving, even though all our Christmas decorations are here now. 🙂

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I am almost like the king of throwing things out. I think I considered throwing away the heating element but something stopped me. Perhaps it was my wife. I don’t remember.


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