Stray Cats Everywhere

When we moved into our new home in West Virginia we met several people who were happy to talk about the house, the neighbors, and the town. I will write about the house soon but for now, I want to talk about stray cats. They are everywhere around us. Even so, I have yet to get a photograph of one because I usually see them from a distance or when I am not ready with a camera.

One guy talked about our next door neighbor feeding strays like it was a bad thing. One day, while I was bringing the trash to the alley, I counted four cats and a kitten in the back yard of the house behind us. As far as the neighbors next door, I have only occasionally seen a stray or two there but I was able to get a video of a confrontation between two cats. I first heard the howling sounds that cats make when meeting another cat that they don’t know. I then saw them out the bathroom window at the house next door. I expected a fight but it never happened.

My office is upstairs in the back of the house and I often will see a cat walk by, sometimes through our yard and sometimes next door or across the alley. Once, after it snowed, I saw cat tracks that came right up to our back door.

A couple of weeks after we moved in my wife somehow became Facebook friends with the woman who lives behind us. She said that a woman died at a nearby home who had 14 cats. When the son came to clean out her home he just dumped the cats outside. So, being a caring person, she felt compelled to take care of them. Strangely, we have yet to meet her in person. We bought two cases of wet food for her but when I brought them to her house, nobody was home. I also brought cookies over there for Christmas but only her son was home then.

There are other kind people too on the block. One neighbor said there are at least three people who care for cats but I don’t know if they all care for the same 14 cats or if there is more than one colony here. One man, we were told, leaves a heater on in his garage for the cats. If we were permanent residents I would not be opposed to leaving food out on the back porch and perhaps a shelter too but I wouldn’t want to get cats dependent on me and then leave.

I am glad to know there are many caring people in this neighborhood. I have always felt like most people are good but the bad ones seem to get the most recognition.

On another note. We are planning to head back to Florida this Saturday. This time we will have to cram the two cat crates in the back seat of my wife’s car, where they just barely fit. While it will be an easier trip than coming up here in the moving truck, I am concerned that the only way in or out for the crates is by putting the convertible top down. This could be a problem in an emergency. Let us pray there is no emergency.


21 thoughts on “Stray Cats Everywhere

  1. onespoiledcat

    Sad that the 14 cats were suddenly homeless but it sounds like the neighborhood has stepped up to help them. You sure won’t have a shortage of kitty friends around there! Heading back to Florida for a while or just to get more stuff to bring up to new house? Be careful – have a good trip.


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Going back until probably early September. My wife wants me to sell my electric car and get a mini van for our trip back. It would be more practical but I love my car.

            1. Charles Huss Post author

              Yes. Our current home is a mobile home in a 55 plus community. We own the home but we pay a high lot rent and we wanted to avoid that after we retire. The monthly payment on this house is slightly higher but we do have a renter over the garage that helps. We will probably keep our current home in Florida for a few more years and then perhaps we will sell it and buy a motorhome. I’m not sure yet. I do know I would like to continue to be in a warm climate during the winter.

  2. 15andmeowing

    How sad about the 14 cats being put out by the son. I am glad there are people feeding them. I wish someone could get them homes though. Praying for a safe trip to FL.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thanks so much. It is probably not likely the cats will find homes but hopefully they will at least live their lives out under the care of compassionate people.

  3. Summer

    My human worries that some of these cats may not be spayed and neutered. That could cause problems. In any case, it’s good that there are some people looking out for them. Good luck on your trip back to Florida!


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