Volunteering Again

The SPCA announced recently that they were allowing the volunteers to come back. I took that opportunity to trade my 4-7 shift on Thursdays for a 1-4 shift on Fridays. This means that I will be volunteering at the same time I am on call at the Red Cross but I have gone on two calls in six months so I thoght it would be no problem.

When I walked into the cat room I noticed that all of the pods were empty, at least all that I could see.

I thought maybe they moved the cats and didn’t tell me but as I continued I saw a pod with four cats in it. I was pleasantly surprised to find seven of the eight cat pods empty. The next room has the smaller cages where cats are kept in isolation, either because they are recovering from surgery, they have a special diet, or the don’t play well with others.

There were four cats in that room, including a very friendly black cat named Sassy who had a skin condition from a flea allergy. I took her photo but it is too blurry to post.

There were also six kittens in the room in three separate cages, probably separated by litter. There were two black kittens that I failed to get pictures of. There was also a single gold and white kitten who was curious but shy.

Then there was three kittens together in one cage, a ginger boy and two females including one tabby and one tortie.

The ginger kitten was the most outgoing of the three and would come down from the shelf for attention.

The four cats inside the pod were pretty shy except for a white and gold cat named Max.

When Max wasn’t busy catching some rays he was busy looking for attention

While I was there, a man and his two boys came in shortly before a woman. All of them decided they wanted to adopt the ginger kitten but the woman recognized that the man was first and let him take the kitten. Perhaps if he didn’t have two young boys who wanted the kitten, he might have let her have him. Unfortunately, the woman left without a cat.

Another woman, who had been in earlier, decided to adopt an eight year old male Siamese cat named Sage. He was hiding under their homemade cat tree so I had to pull him out and put him in a carrier. I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it then but today he is living the good life.

While I was there I spoke with someone about doing animal transports. It is an on call position that I know almost nothing about yet but she did ask if I would be comfortable handling wildlife and mentioned birds of prey and a few others that I don’t remember. My guess is these are animals that are injured and need medical attention but I don’t know. I have an appointment to meet with her at 7:00 am this morning where I will learn more about the job. I think it will be interesting.


23 thoughts on “Volunteering Again

  1. easyweimaraner

    thanks to you and to all people who help to make this world a little better… the ginger kitten in the first photo looks so cute!!! maybe it is a little bit like chris?

  2. onespoiledcat

    You do so much for animals……and people! I’m sure it’s nice to be back at the shelter – all the kittens are so cute and I hope they get their chance at having a home outside the shelter.

    hugs, Pam

  3. The Island Cats

    The mom went back to volunteering too. She says the number of cats in the shelter is really down, she’s sure that will change in the coming weeks. The shelter isn’t open to the public yet though. It’s too small to be able to ensure social distancing and stuff like that. So they do everything by appointment. So far, it’s worked out okay. You might like the transporting. The mom has volunteered a few times for that.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think it will be fun. I went in this morning and we went and picked up a baby blue jay from a veterinarian and then I watched wildest girl cleaned and fed several possums and baby blue jays.

  4. KDKH

    How wonderful that so many of the rooms are not needed! Kitten season hasn’t been overwhelming, either. They must be going like hot-cakes! Although if it were me, I’d be taking home a tortie!


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