Frankie Can't Self Quarantine

Frankie goes stir-crazy if he is stuck in the house too long. It was probably over a week since I took him for a walk and maybe almost that long since he last escaped so he was driving me crazy with his crying and scratching at the door. I couldn’t take it anymore so, even though I was busy, I got his harness and we went outside.

Okay, I am out. Now what?
Cat Frankie smelling plant
Oh, I know. There are plants to smell.
This one smells great.
Now it’s time for a rest but this cat bed is uncomfortable.
Ahh, this is much better.

I hope everyone reading this is doing well and I hope if you are stuck at home you are not going stir-crazy like Frankie.

26 thoughts on “Frankie Can't Self Quarantine

  1. onespoiledcat

    Teddy gets his two “outs” a day as always. One in the morning and one in the mid-afternoon. I’m sure he’d go out MORE than that but we just do two a day. Sometimes both of us go out with him but most often it’s David. However, Teddy knows that David can’t run very fast so once in a while he (Ted) gets a burst of energy and runs like the wind in one direction or another. He’s not trying to escape – he’s just “testing”. HAHAHA We know Ted was obviously an outdoor guy before we adopted him. We just didn’t want to totally take that away from him so have compromised. He’s “bonded” to the yard though and stays within its’ limits so no more harness.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Catwoods

    Always good to get out a little! Even though we do have to be careful right now, a little walking can happen if isolation is carefully orchestrated. Looks like Frankie enjoyed himself!

  3. Summer

    My human is glad that when I get frustrated being stuck inside, I just zoom around the house and act nutty – I don’t actually get annoying.

  4. Genevieve Petrillo

    Out is fun with the leash on! Mom and I go out alone. We stay far away from our neighbors who are also out there sometimes. Sniffing and sitting in the sunshine are important activities. Good job, F.

    Love and licks,

  5. caren gittleman

    I’m home more than the average person anyway, we don’t go to restaurants often, haven’t gone to the movies in forever, I shop online a lot, I go to WW, the grocery store, Yoga, drug store and that’s about it so this isn’t any different for me! Just the constant washing of my hands and cleaning surfaces is different for me because I am not a clean freak!

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      My wife and I go out to eat fairly often but that is no longer an option. We also go to the movies sometimes. It’s a bit boring but I do a lot of runs to the supermarket so at least I get out. My new weekend job closed so I don’t have that to do anymore.


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