Our Bathroom Attendant

Remembering Puck on this Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

About a week ago, we noticed that Puck was spending a lot of time in the bathroom. No, he does not have a medical condition. He would just hang out in there. Sometimes I would see him sleeping in the bathroom and other times he would be staring up toward the ceiling.


Rose and I wondered if there was a bug that the other cats failed to notice. Perhaps there was the sound of a rat in the ceiling. We didn’t know but we found out the other day. The call came from Rose while I was in the kitchen. Chuck! Come Quickly! Oh my God! Hurry!

I thought she hurt herself or one of the cats was in distress. I hurried to the bathroom to see Rose pointing at the wall. Just above a large picture on the wall was what looked like a
Mediterranean Gecko. It is not…

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15 thoughts on “Our Bathroom Attendant

  1. David

    My hunter cats, Egypt, Maxie and Tuxie, are over the Rainbow Bridge. They caught garter snakes that made a mistake entering the patio or the the greenhouse. Miss Egypt was the top hunter. Of my girls, Susie, Pinky and Midnight, they’re cricket hunters in late summer and early fall.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I really believe that without cats we would have a bigger problem with cockroaches, which tend to be a problem in Florida, even for clean people. Chris used to be our hunter but has slowed with age. Now our youngest, Floki, has taken over the task.

      1. David

        Always good to have another kit to take over a job.

        My aunt in Hawaii, when she had cats, they hunted everything – geckos, cockroaches, and other flying bugs. Snakes are contraband in Hawaii, and are promptly hunted and destroyed. They are rarely taken in by the zoo.

  2. Kate Johnson

    Bathrooms are probably the most used rooms in the house. It is added because, over the distance and time public water has to travel before being consumed, bacteria and other pathogens could grow in it.


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