Floki Visits the Groomer

I finally caught Floki on Friday and brought him to the groomer. You may recall my last effort ended in failure. This time I caught him by surprise, picked him up and almost lost him as he twisted and scratched trying to get loose. My wife helped me get him into the carrier and off I went with him to the groomer.

I bring him to a place called Heaven Grooming where he is handled very well by the groomer.

Normally Floki is well behaved at the groomer, which is very different than at home. It is impossible for my wife and I to trim his nails but a groomer has no problem. I think it is because he is nervous around strangers so he behaves. Unfortunately, the groomer is not as much of a stranger as she used to be so he did struggle a little this time but she handled him well. Hopefully, that trend won’t continue.

30 thoughts on “Floki Visits the Groomer

  1. krick123d

    My suggestion- invest in a thick pair of gloves, the kind those Mongolian hunters wear when those giant eagles land on their arm! That should protect you!

  2. Summer

    Boodie and I totally don’t mind pawdicures. Binga generally requires some help to keep her still, but even so, she is nowhere near as difficult as some of the other kitties on this comment thread!

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I would never buy expensive new furniture with cats around but my wife doesn’t think like I do. She went out and bought a brand new living room set without asking me.

  3. The Swiss Cats

    We never get our nails done, but if needed, we wouldn’t mind too much : Claire trained us to have our paws pawed, and played “out and in” with our claws. Purrs

  4. CatLadyintheCanyon

    It can be such a challenge getting our kitties into the carrier and off to the vet. I have a system that works, but Bobcat is a wiggle worm and a big boy so it’s not that easy. I do spray Feliway around the house and in the carrier and car about an hour before I go that helps. On another note–cannot “like” your posts and a few other bloggers. It a technical issue that I can’t seem to figure out. I recently upgraded my operating system here on my MacAir. Do you by chance have any ideas?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Thank you for wanting to like my posts. I think you have to be logged into WordPress to like a post. If you are logged in then I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is.

  5. David

    When my cat crew visits the vet, they’re okay with the vet techs and the Dr. handling them. At home, someone they don’t know, it’s time to stay in the secured, undisclosed location until the said visitor leaves.


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