Photo Friday: Contentment

A cat who displays his or her belly is showing that they are content and that they have total trust in you since this is a very vulnerable position. Frankie spends much of his nap time this way.

cat showing belly


22 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Contentment

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      I think it is unusual that all of our cats do this. Even timid Floki shows his belly. Puck used to do that too and he was quite timid. Frankie does it most of all when he is sleeping and Chris does it when he’s awake sometimes.

  1. theressomethingaboutnancy

    This is what my husband told me, I had no idea. I just took a ton more photos of Duffy this morning. I can’t believe I use to hate cats. Never had one before a year and a half ago. Can’t imagine my life without him now. Frankie is so sweet!


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