Pay Attention to Me or Else…

Chris has always loved attention. This post was from 2015 but he is the same now as then and as he was as a kitten. He doesn’t bother Rose as often in the morning anymore but he was on the sink with her the other day.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris used to hang out in the bathroom with Rose while she got ready for work but he stopped doing that until recently. Now he is in the bathroom with her every morning taking up the little space she has. There is even less space in this house because there is a fan on the counter to compensate for the lack of an air conditioner vent in the bathroom.

Chris can stay with her as long as he stays on the other side of the sink, but that is too far for Chris so a conflict always arises. Rose either has to push him off the counter or she can ask for help in the form of, β€œChuck, Come get you cat!”

This morning, Chris decided he was going to get attention one way or another so he got on the toilet and unwound the toilet paper roll. Maybe next…

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8 thoughts on “Pay Attention to Me or Else…

  1. The Island Cats

    I like to unroll the toilet paper and the paper towels in the kitchen…so I’ll get fed quicker! ~Ernie


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