Photo Friday: Musical Chairs

It seems whenever I briefly get off my chair, one cat or another is lying on it when I return. Usually I’m too nice to kick them off so I replace that chair with a less comfortable one. Then I lose that one.

cats on chairs


22 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Musical Chairs

  1. Timmy

    We are lucky as Dad uses a couch and his wheelchair is not comfy enough for us to lay on. Maybe we should tell him to get a new one MOL

  2. Seville at Nerissa's Life

    Welcome to MY world. I’ll be lyin’ there on the chesterfield when I hear a peep in the kitchen. SO OF COURSE, I get up to see if there are snacks. Then, when I return, there’s a peep sittin’ IN MY SPOT on the chesterfield. MOUSES!

    Unlike you, have no qualms ’bout nosin’ my way back into my spot, forcin’ the peep to either sit on the edge of the chesterfield or fall onto the floor. MOUSES!!!



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