I Don’t Know How They Do It.

This morning I woke up to the soft blue glow of our living room television. 

This happens about twice a month and I can’t figure out how they do it because I have trouble turning the beast on. 

It has a weird quirk and can only be turned off by the remote control, not on. To turn it on, one must find the far right button in a row of flat buttons that cannot be felt nor seen in low light. Once the button is found, a simple touch won’t work. I find myself pressing firmly on it for a couple of seconds before it decides to work.

The real mystery here is, if these cats are smart enough to figure out how to turn on this very difficult TV. Why not turn on the cable box? That one is easy.


26 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How They Do It.

  1. Piglove

    From the prospective of an anipal – moi – we are smarter than you think. I know how to use the remote for mine in my bedroom. That’s why mom puts it high up on my bookshelf at night. Just sayin’. You have no idea what goes on behind your back and especially when you are asleep. Now I’m off to meet the mailman to shred dad’s credit card bill for something I might have or might not have ordered. Toodles. XOXO – Bacon

      1. Piglove

        Uh-oh…. that could be a possibility. I may have or not have bought a Bollywood movie once with subtitles. I’m still blaming that one on Hemi here. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Timmy

    We are always changing channels, turning off the TV and even unplugging it. That unplug really gets Dad going. We stand on the control to do our fun work MOL

  3. weggieboy

    I have no doubt the cats are the culprits! Mine step on the radio remote, changing the station in the process, too. Since I only listen to one station, I know I didn’t do it! They occasionally do the same with the television, just like your cats and your television.


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