Poking the Cat

Friday morning , as I was setting up our new printer, Chris claimed the printer box as his own. Floki the kitten was not happy about it and made a point of poking Chris through one of the handle holes.

I’m sure some of you have seen this kind of behavior before.


22 thoughts on “Poking the Cat

  1. Caren Gittleman

    I just left this comment on your YouTube page! this is sooo good and sooo “unstaged” that I wish it would go viral. Floki is brilliant, this is HILARIOUS!! You should enter it in a contest.

  2. Dennis

    My cat often did this too, but because I used a cat toy and played with her and the box. I see in your video how this is a lot more fun with two cats and a box 🙂

    At 0:25 it’s like “Wait, somewhere… I just don’t know where, but… ah, there, I feel you!” 😀


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