Black Cat Day

Today is Black Cat Day and as I write this, my black cat, Puck, is on my lap being very “kneedy.” We celebrate black cats today because they need our help. They are often overlooked at shelters because of their color or because people associate them with evil or bad luck.

After adopting two black cats, I can assure you that is nonsense. Since having Puck, and before him, Flash, most of my “bad luck” was a result of my own stupidity. Both of our black cat’s have been very sweet, and a little shy too, but they were, and are, well-behaved and wonderful to have around.

Cats Chris and Puck for Black Cat Day

If we didn’t adopt Puck, Chris would not have a best friend.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, today would be a great day to go to your local animal shelter and  give a loving black cat a good home.



25 thoughts on “Black Cat Day

          1. jengarynewadventures

            Maybe I will come across a photo of him. We went through a ton of old family photos talking about fond family Halloween memories. We have one of him sitting handsome on a small bale of hay with a pumpkin nearby. That’s a good memory. I will share if I find it 🙂 Jen

  1. easyweimaraner

    Happy Black Cat Day!!! those mini panthers are awesome… and my grampy once said the sign of bad luck is not to see a black cat , it’s seeing an old lady as the furst thing of the day…

  2. Photofinland by Rantasalot

    Do you know, that here in Europe totally black cats are very rare. In the Middle Ages all the black cats were killed, because the Church said that they cooperate with witches and the satan.
    And what happened? The black rat population grew and grew and started the so called black plague, that killed half of the population. The plague even reached Finland in the North by ships and almost emptied the towns on the west cost.

  3. Nicole @ Just Cats

    When I was a kid, I saw a newspaper clipping for black kitten, $25 each. I really wanted a kitten so I convinced my parents that black cats don’t bring bad luck, but the opposite – good luck. I promised them that adopting my soon to be black cat Pepper would guarantee a lottery win. We didn’t win the lottery, but we won 18 years of his love! In memory of Pepper!

  4. Juliea and Izzy boy

    Black cats are very sweet. But they do tend to be shy and of the last three I had, two were very shy to the point that they hid from almost anything. Those two were mother and son and I had raised both from birth. They never had any reason to be afraid of anything. No kids, no dogs, no loud parties or tons of company coming over. Maybe they didn’t get exposed to enough. They were just terrified from the day they were born. I would definitely adopt another black cat if I found a more confident one than the ones I have had in the past. I don’t really look at the color of the cat, but more to their disposition/temperament.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Our two black cats were/are also shy. That’s not a bad thing but our first black cat, Flash, died at five years old from multiple health problems. I can’t help but wonder if stress did him in.


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