Floki’s Hidden Stash

Every morning, my wife plays with Floki while she checks her messages, email and Facebook. She will roll up a little wad of paper and throw it. Floki will then jump off the bed, chase down the wad of paper and attack. After a little playing, he brings the paper back for more fun.

This leads to little paper balls all over the house. Yesterday I found one in the water bowl. Also yesterday I found a hidden stash of paper balls in our hallway closet. I don’t know. Perhaps he is saving them for a potential paper shortage.

paper balls stored in closet

Does anybody else have a cat that likes paper balls? How about one that plays fetch like a dog?


23 thoughts on “Floki’s Hidden Stash

  1. onespoiledcat

    When Sammy was a baby he loved chasing AND retrieving paper balls. Just like a dog. The little “stashes” usually were found in spots where if he was batting the paper balls around they could get out of reach – like under a closet/pantry door or under furniture he wasn’t able to get under. I was kind of sad when he outgrew that stage – it was tons of fun having a dogcat. HAHAHA


  2. Random Felines

    Daiquiri plays fetch, but only with specific toys. when mom was younger, she moved into a place with a roommate. as the roommate was packing her stuff to leave her parents’ house, they discovered a TON of popsicle wrappers that had been used as toys by one of the family cats and been stashed under her dresser

  3. Summer

    I play fetch, but only with little sparkle balls. I keep losing them, even though my human tries to hide them when we’re not playing, and she has to buy more. One day, she’ll figure out what I’m doing with them!

  4. The Swiss Cats

    We love to play with paper balls but we don’t play fetch : Zorro shreds them, and Pixie leave them in place and waits for Claire to throw them again. Our Angel Hercule played fetch. Purrs

  5. Juliea and Izzy boy

    Yes! I had a cat who played fetch only we called it birdie. He was a polydactyl Tuxedo cat named Boxer and he loved the plastic rings off milk or juice bottles. We also used plastic zip ties. Anything that was a plastic loop. I would call “birdie, birdie” and he would catch it then pick it up and bring it back with it in his mouth and push it off onto my knee. Constantly! Even if I didn’t throw it for him he would find them and pass them off to me to throw. It didn’t matter to him if there was company over, he wanted to play birdie/fetch all the time. His extra toes helped him catch them. He really had thumbs. I really miss him. Tuxies are very affectionate and adventurous cats.

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