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Black Cat Day

Today is Black Cat Day and as I write this, my black cat, Puck, is on my lap being very “kneedy.” We celebrate black cats today because they need our help. They are often overlooked at shelters because of their color or because people associate them¬†with evil or bad luck.

After adopting two black cats, I can assure you that is nonsense. Since having Puck, and before him, Flash, most of my “bad luck” was a result of my own stupidity. Both of our black cat’s have been very sweet, and a little shy too, but they were, and are, well-behaved and wonderful to have around.

Cats Chris and Puck for Black Cat Day

If we didn’t adopt Puck, Chris would not have a best friend.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, today would be a great day to go to your local animal shelter and  give a loving black cat a good home.


National Black Cat Day

Yesterday, October 27, was National Black Cat Day. I am a day late because I am smart enough to put it on my calendar but not smart enough to look at my calendar.

Black cats need a day at this time of year to bring awareness to people that they are not bad luck and they have nothing to do with witches, curses, Halloween or anything like that. In fact, they make great pets and anyone would be lucky to have one cross their path.

Here is our cat Puck on what has become his new favorite perch. At least it is when I walk by. I think it is the perfect height for him to receive a few pets and to jump up on my shoulders.

Black cat Puck