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Photo Friday: Young Floki

Here is Floki before all his colors came in. It was taken on October 18, 2016.

We estimate that Floki was born on or around April 18, 2016, so he would have been about six months old here.


Photo Friday: Floki Discovers the Sink

Our kitten, Floki, typically hangs out with Rose in the bedroom every morning until she goes into the bathroom to get ready for work. That is where Chris sometimes takeover and lies on the counter while Rose is putting her make up on. Sometimes he will pull some of her make up close to his chest where Rose can’t get it. The other day Floki was on the counter instead of Chris and he discovered that he fits inside the sink.

kitten Floki in sink

I don’t think a day goes by when our cats don’t entertain us in some way.