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Rabbit Nurses Young Outside Our Catio

I peeked out the window Saturday and saw Frankie and Floki lying together on the catio. I almost never see those two together so I had to go out and take a photo.

cats looking out window

The next day I say them again in virtually the same spot but this time noticed they were watching a bunny rabbit that was hanging out very close to them. I again grabbed my camera and went outside but when I got out there I noticed the rabbit wasn’t alone. She was nursing two baby rabbits.

This was amazing to see by itself but even more amazing because she seemed oblivious to the cats just a few feet away. She also dug a borough next to the catio just under the cat’s viewing platform.

cat looking at baby rabbits

Living in an urban area, it is always a pleasure to see mother nature at work. Here is a video I took of the mother rabbit and her two young ones