Photo Friday: Dynamic Trio

Here is an old photo of Flash, Tigger and Alex from January 2, 2006. Flash and Tigger lost their mother at a very young age and because of that, I assume, Tigger developed a need to suck on Flash’s belly like he was nursing. Sometimes when Tigger did that Flash would lick himself on the chest at the same time. Here, Alex joined in on the fun.

As they got older, Flash became increasingly irritated with Tigger and eventually put an end to the belly sucking.


25 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Dynamic Trio


    Hello Charles,
    I have also found my cats on rare occasions in cuddle piles, while they may hiss and annoy. Don’t know what goes on in their minds!
    My squatter, Boubou was run over yesterday, I found his body in my courtyard thanks to a friend who covered him in a blanket. He was only 4 yrs old and so cuddly with me. I miss him so much, I can still listen to his little meows cause he didn’t know how to until he got rescued in 2016.


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