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Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile

Puck has always been more timid than Chris or Frankie. Actually, every cat is more timid than Chris but what I am trying to say is that Puck can be a bit of a scardy-cat. He is not as timid as Flash, the brother of Tigger who passed a few months after we adopted Chris, but he does tend to run away from strangers while Chris, and sometimes Frankie, will go towards them.

My stepson, Nick, came to visit for a week over the Christmas holiday and Puck refused to come out of our bedroom while he was in the house. We had to put a litter box in our room along with food and water because we were worried he would not eat or drink or that he would do his business on our bedroom floor.


Unfortunately, Rose has a nose like a bloodhound and refused to sleep with the litter box in our room so I had to keep moving it back and forth everyday.

I felt bad for Puck because his entire day was spent on our bed or under it. Sometimes Chris would come in to keep him company.


After Nick left, it was such a relief to see Puck out and about and enjoying life again. The strange thing is, Rose’s dad and his wife came for a couple of days at Thanksgiving and Puck came out to visit with them. Also, my best friend, Rick, came here on New Year’s Eve and Puck not only came out while he was here, he actually got on Rick’s chair with him, and he has never seen Rick before.

Clearly, there was something about Nick that made Puck nervous. Perhaps Nick teased him last year when he was here. I don’t know. Does anyone else have a pet that is nervous around a particular person?

A Nice Walk and Then a Freak-Out

Chris is a master at escaping. He knows how to stand back far enough and seem like he is not interested and then he is out the door like a flash. He typically stays close and I usually give him a few minutes before bringing him back in.

Frankie will run and make it a nightmare for anyone to catch him so he doesn’t get out as much, but I do feel guilty that Chris goes out and not him, so occasionally I put his harness on and take him for a walk. I did that last week and he was very happy about it.

After Frankie’s walk I wanted to let Puck go for a walk. He has not been outside since moving here so I put the harness on him, which was not easy, and opened the front door. I knew he would be a little shy at first but thought he would enjoy being outside. Unfortunately, we never made it that far.

A car drove by, which happens all the time when the door is closed, but this time Puck panicked and freaked out. He has been a bit more nervous lately and has been over-grooming himself to the point of licking himself bald so I have to pack him up now and bring him to his vet’s appointment.