Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile

Puck has always been more timid than Chris or Frankie. Actually, every cat is more timid than Chris but what I am trying to say is that Puck can be a bit of a scardy-cat. He is not as timid as Flash, the brother of Tigger who passed a few months after we adopted Chris, but he does tend to run away from strangers while Chris, and sometimes Frankie, will go towards them.

My stepson, Nick, came to visit for a week over the Christmas holiday and Puck refused to come out of our bedroom while he was in the house. We had to put a litter box in our room along with food and water because we were worried he would not eat or drink or that he would do his business on our bedroom floor.


Unfortunately, Rose has a nose like a bloodhound and refused to sleep with the litter box in our room so I had to keep moving it back and forth everyday.

I felt bad for Puck because his entire day was spent on our bed or under it. Sometimes Chris would come in to keep him company.


After Nick left, it was such a relief to see Puck out and about and enjoying life again. The strange thing is, Rose’s dad and his wife came for a couple of days at Thanksgiving and Puck came out to visit with them. Also, my best friend, Rick, came here on New Year’s Eve and Puck not only came out while he was here, he actually got on Rick’s chair with him, and he has never seen Rick before.

Clearly, there was something about Nick that made Puck nervous. Perhaps Nick teased him last year when he was here. I don’t know. Does anyone else have a pet that is nervous around a particular person?

19 thoughts on “Puck’s Self-Imposed Exile

  1. Daniel

    Hi Charles,

    My Mother’s cat always gets nervous when I come around. We seem to think that it’s because I have a dog and the cat is terrified of the dog. We’re pretty sure that she associates me with the dog (and rightfully so) – or possibly she just smells the dog on me.

    Does Nick have a dog or another pet?


    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Nick’s Stepmother has a small dog that he doesn’t like so I don’t think that he smells like dog but his clothes could carry a subtle hint of a dog’s smell.

  2. pilch92

    Does Nick have pets? or is he a smoker? Maybe there was some scent that Puck didn’t like. My Mom’s cat hides from everyone ( even me) , but she will roll all over my sister. My sister is a smoker and I am guessing maybe the cat’s past owner was one too.

  3. Summer

    Funny enough, while I don’t mind being in costume, I tend to be a little uncomfortable around humans who are dressed up weird! It doesn’t seem right.

  4. Bella and Esme

    Puck obviously knows something that you don’t! My kittys seem to randomly like or dislike people but I guess they have their reasons! X

  5. onespoiledcat

    Sam doesn’t like anyone in the house other than me and my husband – always has been very shy but maybe a LITTLE bit less so as he’s aged. He will hide in the basement. If he’s reacting to one particular person – I think something must have happened to MAKE him hide from that one person.


  6. Deziz World

    Oh yes. Me is super furiendly and sissy be just da oppawsite. Altho’ she will warm up to peeps ifin they be gentle and let her take hers own time. But we boff hate da pawrtment manager and burn carpet runnin’ when she comes round. Course me always has to come out and give her a big hiss and spit and then me runs off again. She’s a meany to mommy and everypawdy else, and we know it. Glad Puck is enjoyin’ life again.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

      1. Deziz World

        Yep we sure are. And sum times we know sumpawdy be good, but there’s just sumfin’ ’bout ’em weez not like and dat teasin’ is one fing dat kitties don’t always like. Maybe next time Nick kuld offer to play and play nice wiff Puck. Dat might make all da difference. Fur good peeps sum times dat’s all it takes. Peeps like da manager…she has noo chance of ever gettin’ anyfin’ but a hiss and spit. MOL

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi


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