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A Nice Walk and Then a Freak-Out

Chris is a master at escaping. He knows how to stand back far enough and seem like he is not interested and then he is out the door like a flash. He typically stays close and I usually give him a few minutes before bringing him back in.

Frankie will run and make it a nightmare for anyone to catch him so he doesn’t get out as much, but I do feel guilty that Chris goes out and not him, so occasionally I put his harness on and take him for a walk. I did that last week and he was very happy about it.

After Frankie’s walk I wanted to let Puck go for a walk. He has not been outside since moving here so I put the harness on him, which was not easy, and opened the front door. I knew he would be a little shy at first but thought he would enjoy being outside. Unfortunately, we never made it that far.

A car drove by, which happens all the time when the door is closed, but this time Puck panicked and freaked out. He has been a bit more nervous lately and has been over-grooming himself to the point of licking himself bald so I have to pack him up now and bring him to┬áhis vet’s appointment.