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Chris the Locksmith

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have been able to keep our bedroom door shut since moving to our new place. I also mentioned that we need to lock the door to keep him from making a lot of noise by pulling the handle down and letting it flip back up. Another reason for locking it is because he has now figured out how to open it.

Our bedroom doorA few weeks ago he opened our door in the middle of the night even though it was locked. I assumed that it was not completely shut and he was able to push it open. After last night I am not so sure.

We got home late because I picked up Rose from the airport and we were both tired when we went to bed so I forgot to lock the door. So as soon as I fell asleep Chris starts flipping the door handle, causing me to get up and lock the door. About an hour later Chris is on the bed biting my nose.

I assumed he opened the door slightly while flipping the handle and I didn’t push it shut when I locked it. I picked Chris up, put him down outside the door and pushed the door completely shut and then locked it again. This time he was staying out. At least he was staying out until 4:00 a.m. when he showed up on the bed to wake me up.

How does he do it? I know it’s a simple lock and can be defeated with a toothpick but he’s barely tall enough to reach the handle. And then there’s the whole opposable thumbs thing. I guess it is just one of those mysteries that may never be solved.

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