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A Day of Double Remembrance

The day after Valentine’s day is not a good day for memories. In February of 1999, I was informed that my father, who had been receiving treatment for colon cancer on and off for the previous three and a half years, was not doing well. I was on a plane to Chicago a couple of days later.

I arrived on a Friday and my dad seemed okay then but he was worse on Saturday. Valintine’s day was the next day and I thought about getting him a Valentine’s Day card for him to give to my mom. I didn’t have a car so the thought never turned into action but I regret not making the effort.

When I spoke to my sister that day I thought about telling her to cancel her tickets for next month and get on a plane tomorrow. I thought about it but didn’t do it because I had no idea how long my father had left on this Earth. I regret that too because by Monday he was gone.

Recently my mother brought some old photos to me and I would like to share some of my father, Charles Huss Sr.

Here he is back in the 60s. I’m not sure when this was taken but it is possibly before I was born.

Here he is with my mom in 1973.

Here is our family on Dad’s parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary on New Years Day, 1986.

Here he is in 1994 at my parent’s second home on Pine Island, near Fort Meyer’s, Florida. I helped him plant that tree a few years earlier after he fished a couple of coconuts out of the water.

Finally, here he is in June of 1997 with my mom at my cousin’s wedding.

In 2018, also on the day after Valentine’s day, we lost our sweet boy Puck. You can read my post about it here. My father just turned 59 and Puck had not reached six years old. Both died way too young.

Puck came to us as a kitten after abbey died in 2012. Chris took to him right away and seemed to act like a father figure to him.

Chris greets Puck on his first day as he comes out from under the bed for food.

When Puck was young he would hang out with my wife while she was getting ready for work. Sometimes he would chase a Qtip and then bring them back to her so she could throw it again.

Puck and Chris became close buddies.

Our cats Chris and Puck napping together.

They also played together but they were never mean to each other.

Eventually, Puck started having health issues and was at the vet a lot. He liked to hide behind me while we waited for the vet.

This is one of the last photos of a happy Puck taken on February 11, 2018, the day we finished construction of their new catio. Sadly, Puck did not have much time to enjoy it.

Thank you for indulging me while I share my memories. Despite the untimely endings, these are good memories.

Daddy Cat

Forget Cat Daddy. Chris is Daddy Cat. I don’t have any experience with real daddy cats but Chris is like a humanized version of what a good cat father would be. Someone who loves his kids and shows it often while also disciplining them when they break the rules. His rules.

Of course, Chris has never had kittens of his own but when we adopted Puck he seemed to take over the role of father figure. He loved Puck and Puck followed his rules like a good son and was often rewarded with love, affection, and a good tongue bath. I think Puck’s death really hurt Chris. For several days he seemed to wander aimlessly like he was looking for Puck and didn’t know what to do with himself.

Fortunately, Floki was here to fill the gap. We adopted Floki as a kitten, just like Puck, and Chris was right there to teach him the rules. His rules. Unfortunately for Chris, Floki was a bit of a problem Child and didn’t always follow the rules. Nevertheless, Chris still treated Floki like his son and a surprising thing happened recently. Floki started going to Chris for attention. This was an amazing development because Chris was always the one who sought out the other cats. It is a pleasure to see the bond that has developed between the two, especially when Floki comes to Chris and puts his head down so Chris can wash it.

Chris can also control Floki. This is something that Rose and I can’t do together. We have to bring him to the vet for nail trimmings because trying to hold him down for the task only leads to scratched arms and a cat under the bed. Chris, however, has no trouble holding Floki down. If only I could train Chris to do it at nail trimming time.

I sometimes think it was too bad that Chris was fixed when he was because he may have had some over-the-top kittens. especially if he could have hooked up with my sister-in-law’s cat, Holly.

Update: I forgot to mention Chris was washing Floki early this morning when Floki got up and bit Chris in the ear. Chris responded by putting his right paw on Floki’s head and pushing him down. He then resumed washing him while he held his head down.