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Photo Friday: Grasseater

Chris just can’t go outside without first sampling some of the greenery.

Bad Cat Chris outside eating grass


Photo Friday: The Great Outdoors

Chris loves going outside and sometimes he is just downright annoying about asking to go out. The other day I gave in to his demands and let him out.

When I let him out, it is usually for just five or ten minutes while I stand there and watch him. Sometimes he runs out the door when I come home, despite my best efforts to contain him, and I just give him a few minutes before retrieve him.

When he goes outside he usually just eats grass for the first few minutes, unless a lizard crosses his path. I have heard that cats eat grass when they are not feeling good but Chris always wants to eat grass. I hope that doesn’t mean he always feels bad. He sure does not act like he’s sick.

Our cat Chris outside in our back yard.

Chris enjoying the great outdoors.

Bad Cat Chris eating grass

Mmmm. Good grass.

Bad Cat Chris smelling basil plant.

What happened to the catnip plant? (Note: my plants are not always in disarray)

After Chris was outside, I noticed Puck inside watching him. I felt bad but it is difficult watching two cats at once.

Our cat Puck wanting to join Chris outside

What about me?

Finally I couldn’t take that sad look anymore so I let Puck outside too.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside.

Hi Puck. Glad you could make it.

Let me show you around. This is our neighbors door. I think we can find trouble here.

Let me show you around. This is our neighbors door. I think we can find trouble here.

Bad Cat Chris and Puck outside.

I don’t know about trouble, Chris, but I found either poop or charcoal briquettes.

Letting Puck out proved to be a bad decision because when it was time to go in, he was the bad cat this time. Whenever I tried to pick him up, he would run off to a different location. I must have looked pretty funny chasing him around the yard.