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What’s Behind Drawer Number One?

Chris has always had a need to not only get inside drawers but get behind them. I cannot count how many times I had to remove a drawer because Chris has managed to get himself behind it. A recent post,  Happiness is a Dresser Drawer, is a good example of this.

The problem is caused partly by my carelessness (because I am usually, but not always, the one who opens a drawer and forgets to close it) but Chris deserves some credit too for being so incredibly flexible. I don’t know how he squeezes himself through some of the spaces he gets into.

This morning I was in the kitchen using the juicer I got for Christmas. I opened the bottom drawer then walked away briefly. When I returned, I saw that Puck was very interested in the drawer. I knew this could only mean that Chris was behind it but how could he have gotten back there with all the stuff in the drawer?

Puck looking for Bad Cat Chris

I put my hand in the drawer to confirm he was there and I felt either Chris or a very large rat. I got my camera and stuck it inside and blindly took a picture that came out surprising well.

Bad Cat Chris behind drawer

Instead of taking the drawer out I enticed him with kitty treats. “Who wants kitty treats? Chris? You want kitty treats?”

That worked. Soon I saw a paw stick out into the drawer.

Bad Cat Chris behind drawer

I took some stuff out to make it easier for him and then came his head.

Bad Cat Chris behind drawer

And then the rest of him.

Bad Cat Chris in drawer

Bad Cat Chris in drawer
Oh, the power of kitty treats.