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The Kitten Dilema

I recently wrote about a kitten that my sister-in-law, Felice, was raising and would need a home soon (read here).  We decided we would meet the kitten on Sunday (today) and make the decision then. At the time I did not have pictures of the kitten but Felice sent a few the other day.

Kitten Kitten Kitten

A day or two after we heard about the gold kitten, Felice informed us of another kitten that needed rescue. This was a female that was being taken care of at the vet’s office where Felice works. Her litter-mates have a home to go to when they are old enough and she also had someone interested in adopting her but, if I understood it correctly, that person plans on keeping her outside, perhaps as a mouser. I don’t know.

Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten 20160615_175304

Now it gets even more complicated. a couple days after we find out about the girl kitten, we also find out that Felice and her husband decided to keep the gold cat. That is a good thing because even though they have about 100 cats, give or take, they lack a gold cat.

You would think that would simplify things but wait… Felice knows someone who is fostering a male Siamese kitten that needs a home.


Both of these kittens will be together for us to see when we visit Felice later today. It will be difficult for us because we don’t even know if we are ready for a fourth kitten and now we will be forced to reject one or more kittens. This kitten business is tough.