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Photo Friday: Cuteness in the Sun

It is so cute when cats cozy up to each other. In our house, Chris is almost always involved. cats Frankie and Chris

The Woobie

The first time I heard the word “woobie” was in 2005. Rose heard her mother use it to refer to a blanket that her brother would carry around with him like Linus from the Peanuts comic strip. I thought it was a made up word but it really exists and it means “security blanket.”

I was introduced to the word after we adopted Tigger and Flash. Initially, Tigger was adopted by Rose’s mother, but the next day the shelter called and said they wanted him back because his brother Flash was in much distress without him. We tried to talk her into adopting Flash (they had different names then) but she only wanted one cat at that time so we ended up adopting both of them.

They lost their mother at a very young age so Tigger developed a habit of sucking on Flash’s belly. Rose referred to Flash as Tigger’s “woobie” and would jokingly say to tigger “No sucking on the woobie!”

Our cats Tigger and Flash as kittens.

Tigger sucking on Flash’s belly.

Our cats Tigger, Flash and Alex

Tigger and Flash with Alex watching.

Later we bought a fleece blanket and discovered that the cats were attracted to it like catnip. Soon the blanket was referred to as the “woobie blanket” and we bought several more over the years.

Last week Rose put one of the woobie blankets on one of the chairs in the living room and it instantly became Chris’s new favorite place to nap.

Bad Cat Chris napping on the woobie blanket

Chris napping on the woobie blanket

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