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Photo Friday: Minding the Fort

We brought our three Cardboard Cat Homes to West Virginia but only came back with Frankie’s house. We put it in the Cats’ Room where it was largely ignored until the other day when I saw Chris in it.

I don’t know why Frankie lost interest in it since he was on that thing every day for awhile after we got it. I guess cats are no different than people when it comes to getting bored with things. At least Chris likes it now.

Frankie’s House is Back

When we came to West Virginia we left Chris and Floki’s Cardboard Cat Homes at our Florida home, but we brought Frankie’s house with us. He really liked lying on top of it so I thought he would enjoy it here too.

I took it apart and when we got to our home here I put it on a shelf, thinking I would put it together as soon as I finished more important things. By the time those important things were done I just forgot about it until my wife reminded me.

I put it together Sunday afternoon while the cats were lounging on the catio and then brought it out there and set it down near Frankie. He gave it a few sniffs and seemed interested for about five seconds.

That is when a stray cat decided to walk past us within inches of the screen. It was like he, or she, owned the place. Frankie immediately ran to the screen and followed while the cat walked around the catio and into the neighbor’s yard. Neither cat made a sound, which surprised me. Perhaps it was a female and the hissing and growling are reserved for males. I don’t know how that works.

In any case, we brought the cats inside shortly after that and then I brought the house into the living room where Chris and Floki took an interest in it.

Later, when I sat down to write this post, Frankie lied down on top of the house, just like he used to do.

I guess there’s no place like home, even if it is cardboard.