Cardboard Cat Homes Review

Last week I was contacted by someone from Cardboard Cat Homes and asked if I would do a review. He told me I could have my cat’s name printed on the box, which I thought was pretty cool. I asked if he could squeeze three names on the box and his reply was that he would send me three boxes. I couldn’t argue with that. To be clear, I did get the boxes at no cost to me but I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions written here are my own and that of my cats.

When the box arrived on Thursday Frankie was immediately interested.

When I opened the box I saw there was catnip in it which I thought explained his interest but he seemed to ignore the catnip packages.

I decided to put one together and save the other two for Friday and Saturday. That way there would be renewed excitement. The first one I opened was the Cat Condo. That one had Frankie’s name on it which was great for reasons you will see later. I read the directions on it but I am terrible with assembly directions and my mind just glazed over.

I thought the picture was clear but some of the pieces were hard to identify. At first I thought maybe stamping numbers on the pieces would be helpful but then I realized that I could easily figure it out from the picture alone so that is what I did and found it to be really easy to put together.

Of course, everyone was interested in what I was doing.

When it was done, Frankie had to test the sturdiness of it.

It met with his approval so I decided to put a towel on the top and inside to see what happened.

Suddenly Frankie had a new favorite place to hang out and Floki liked it too.

Then Chris discovered how great it was.

I was busy Friday and did not put the second cat house together that day but Frankie continued to enjoy hanging out on top of his cat condo. The workout bench was his favorite place to nap but he completely forgot about that.

He still liked it on Saturday.

Saturday is when I put the next cat house together. This one was called “Kitty House” and is probably the best looking one. It was a little more complicated than the first but still fairly simple.

This one had Floki’s name on it and coincidently it was he who was most interested at first.

Floki’s interest waned but once I was finished, Frankie became interested.

Unlike Frankie’s condo, this one has two doors. What it does not have is enough room on the roof for a cat to nap. I guess it would depend on whether you cat likes to sleep inside or outside.

Sunday I put together Chris’s “Cat Castle.” It is fitting that one has his name on it because Chris thinks he is king around here.

I only got it halfway put together when Chris decided to get inside of it. That made assembly more difficult.

I managed to get it mostly put together but Chris’s twenty pound heft was pushing against the side and it was too difficult to finish snapping it together, so I just decided to wait for him to get out.

There was a bit of a cat fight while I waited. Apparently Chris was defending his castle.

Eventually he got out and I was able to finish construction before he got back in again.

I think Chris is too heavy and he is pushing the sides out. I suppose it doesn’t matter since it seems to be holding together. I just hope he doesn’t try to jump on top of it while it is apart like it is here. He has not yet tried to get on top of any of the houses so I don’t know how well they would handle a twenty pound cat. They do seem perfectly capable of handling a twelve pound cat though.

As I write this post Frankie is still enjoying hanging out on his condo where his association has no code of decency.

If these cat homes interest you check out their webpage at

So what do you think? Is this something your cat might like?

Update: I forgot to mention that the company also donates to pet shelters. Here is a line from their website: To give back to our feline community we work closely with shelters, aiming to donate supplies and goodies to at least one shelter for every five orders we receive.


36 thoughts on “Cardboard Cat Homes Review

  1. onespoiledcat

    Well Teddy is 23 lbs. and not sure he would fit inside or on top of any of these without it collapsing but they DO look like they’re pretty sturdy and the cardboard is thick. It’s very cool that you got three houses to try out. Looks like a WIN!

    Hugs, Pam

          1. franhunne4u

            It makes for fun times and would be boring otherwise. Though I found out, they can transfer knowledge. Before I had Kessy my tom never bothered hiding under blankets. But when he saw her doing it, he learned it from her!

  2. lois

    These look great! I have 3 cats so how fun would it be for each to have their own. Not that that would happen, but still….They look pretty sturdy. I’m gonna check out their website. Thanks for the good reviews.

  3. Caren

    That was a great review! Roary is a HUGE fan of boxes so I think he would love those (but…I sometimes am challenged putting them together too lol). They ARE cute! Roary is a much smaller cat so he would fit on the top of the one that your kitties didn’t, perfectly. I like the styles of the last two the best. So happy Frankie is enjoying them so much!!

  4. iamthesunking

    β€œ20lb heft”! 🀣🀣🀣 Chris is almost 3 x Louis Catorze! And of course Chris would get the castle. 🏰

  5. Evan

    Thank you Chris for the awesome review. A big part of what we do is give away many of these cat homes to shelters. We’ve given about 75 away to 15 shelters in the past month. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me at

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      Yes, the prices are reasonable. I will buy another one when Frankie’s condo wears out. I also told them if they make a heavy duty home for plus sized cats I would buy one. πŸ™‚


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