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Pay Attention to Me or Else…

Chris used to hang out in the bathroom with Rose while she got ready for work but he stopped doing that until recently. Now he is in the bathroom with her every morning taking up the little space she has. There is even less space in this house because there is a fan on the counter to compensate for the lack of an air conditioner vent in the bathroom.

Chris can stay with her as long as he stays on the other side of the sink, but that is too far for Chris so a conflict always arises. Rose either has to push him off the counter or she can ask for help in the form of, “Chuck, Come get you cat!”

This morning, Chris decided he was going to get attention one way or another so he got on the toilet and unwound the toilet paper roll. Maybe next time rose will think twice about sharing her space.

cat unwinds toilet paper

Needy Cat Chris

Chris on my lap

Chris on my lap – Not my best photograph but…

As I write this, Chris is napping on my lap. Oops… I disturbed him reaching for my phone to photograph him. I was able to get one bad picture before he disappeared.

There is a point to mentioning this. Chris has sought more attention from Rose and I since Tigger passed away. That is not to say he didn’t want attention before, it just seems like he has become even more needy lately.

Chris has always sought attention from other cats and received it. Usually he would lie down on top of or between two other cats, who would at first be annoyed with him but then would settle into washing his ears or something. This happened often with Tigger and Abbey who would be sleeping together and then would be suddenly awakened by Mr. Rudeness himself.

Now, all the cats we introduced Chris to three and a half years ago are gone. Tigger, Abbey, Alex and Flash have all passed away. We now have only Chris and our newest cat, Puck. The problem is, while Puck is a good cat, he prefers to sleep alone. He will play (fight) with Chris, which the other cats wouldn’t do, but he won’t sleep with him, so Chris has turned his attention to us when nap time comes around, which, for Chris, is not very often.

We feel bad for him and have even considered getting another cat but there are many problems with that idea. Someday we want to live in a motorhome and/or a boat and travel a bit. When that happens, we won’t have room for more than two cats. Even before that happens we may rent a small place near the beach and the same reasoning will apply. Also, we have no way to be sure the new cat will even like Chris. Judging from experience, that would probably be no.

Yesterday, Chris climbed to the top of the of the cat perch and lied on top of Puck and started washing his ears. This went on for a minute or two and Rose and I were hopeful that this would be their first nap together, but Puck then got up and left the perch, leaving Chris there by himself. So sad.

Perhaps as Puck matures a little more, things will change. We can only hope.

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