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A Good Day For a Walk

I took Frankie out for a walk on Wednesday because it was a beautiful day and because he was bothering me to go outside. It’s hard to resist Frankie when he follows me around the house meowing at me.

Shortly after we got outside the community housing salesperson stopped his golf cart to talk to me. I tried to hold Frankie back but he wanted to go, and you can’t hold a cat back like you can a dog. At least not Frankie, anyway. The harness I have has a flaw in the design that allows a cat to escape if he pulls backwards hard enough. Since the harness is so easy to put on, I don’t want to get rid of it so I just try to avoid those situations.

My plan was to pick up Frankie and hold him but that didn’t work so I thought if I put him on the golf cart seat he might stay for at least a minute or two but that made him even more nervous. It occurred to me later that maybe he thought I was giving him away. Since I couldn’t stand around and talk, I told him I would just talk to him later.

We continued on and when we got up near the pool Frankie decided to do some sunbathing. Perhaps he saw people at the pool doing this.

After a while I had to pick him up and bring him home. As usual, he was not happy about this, but it was Chris’s turn to go out.

Chris spent some time enjoying the sun and then, of course, he had to eat a little grass too. When it was time to go in, he got under my truck again but this time far enough to where I couldn’t reach him to pick him up.

This may seem like a Frankie trick but actually Chris invented this years ago.

Another Great Outside Adventure

Here is another post from 2015 for Throwback Thursday. Again, Frankie got up on the roof. This is why I walk him with a leash and harness now.

Bad Cat Chris

We let the cat’s outside for their weekly romp in the backyard. Puck immediately caught a lizard and then brought it in the house. That distracted me long enough for Frankie to run up the palm tree and get on the roof, and again I missed recording it. At least now I know how he did it.

Our cat Frankie on roof

Frankie then led me on a wild goose chase around the neighborhood while Chris was busy investigating our neighbor’s patio. In other words, it was a typical day.

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When Will I Learn?

Since my wife is away and since I just clipped Chris’s claws, I decided to let the cats sleep with me Monday night. Of course, that was a mistake. I should have known.

Chris started bothering me sometime before 3 AM. I suppose I should have been grateful that he lasted that long. If I was smart, I would have picked him up and put him out of the bedroom but I was just too tired to get up. He continued bothering me, on and off, (mostly on) until sometime after 5 a.m. when I decided that I had enough and I got out of bed.

I fed them breakfast, made coffee, and did a couple of other things and then went back in the bedroom and saw this.

I guess it was mission accomplished so no longer need to stay awake.

Enough is Enough

Chris was sitting on my lap yesterday evening when he reached up to stick his claws into my skin like he often does but this time his claws got stuck in my neck and I had to reach over and pull them out. I was highly annoyed, as well as in pain, and I said, “Okay, Chris, enough is enough.” I then picked him up and carried him to the bedroom.

The “enough” I was referring to was me allowing his nails to get so long and sharp. The reason I carried him into the bedroom was because my wife keeps the nail clippers in her nightstand drawer. She clips the cat’s nails about eighty percent of the time but she is away on a business trip so I did it.

Chris was amazingly good for me this time. He did not try to pull his paw away, even when I had trouble seeing some of his nails. After I finished, he made a point of washing his paws.

The End of Frankie’s Workout Bench

Last year while fitness centers were still on lockdown, I purchased what is called a Power Tower as a way to work out at home. This one had the added benefit of having a retractable workout bench.

The room was pretty cramped until we brought the chairs to West Virginia. Then I was able to put the bench down so Frankie could use it.

The truth is, like most home workout equipment, it rarely got used. Rarely by me but Frankie loved hanging out on the bench. It was long enough for him to stretch out on and high enough to see what was going on outside. When we started going to the gym again, the bench and tower went from rarely being used to never being used, except by Frankie.

Now that we are back, and with us came a boatload of stuff from the other house, Rose is insisting that I sell it to make room for her new rocking chair that we brought with us. This time I had no defense and posted it for sale. Sorry, Frankie.

Our New Old Feeding Routine

For years now I have been feeding our cats a raw food diet. It was not a strictly raw food diet because I also gave them dry food, mostly because Chris would only eat a bite or two of the wet food and then stop. I thought withholding dry food would get him to eat more of the wet food but that didn’t happen so I gave in. Since then, I have reduced the dry food considerably and Chris is eating more of the wet food, although he still lets Frankie and Floki steal his wet food.

It wasn’t the raw food that Chris didn’t like, it was wet food in general. Eventually, Frankie and Floki became finicky and stopped eating the raw food too. I figured that nobody likes eating the same food all the time so I started giving them a variety of canned foods in the morning, with a heavy emphasis on Earthborn Holistic’s Chicken Cacciatori. I then fed them the raw food in the afternoon.

When we went to our home in West Virginia for two months, I decided to skip making raw food for a while since I did not know how difficult it would be to find good quality meats.

After we returned I bought some Chicken Breast at Sprouts and made another batch of raw food. They loved it.

Floki cried at me the entire time I was making it. I kept putting down pieces of chicken for him and he kept crying for more.

If you want to make raw food for your cats, I recommend TC Feline premix. If you buy the one with chicken liver, you simply have to add ground chicken, or whatever meat you want. Egg yokes are optional.

While I have an affiliate connection with Amazon, I do not have one with TC Feline. I just like their product because it is so easy to use and the cats love it. I will say though that Chicken is their favorite. I did not have success with beef or turkey.

While this is a healthier option than canned foods, it would probably be even more healthy if you bought it without the liver and added your own. I did that when I lived near Whole Foods but now it is a bit of a hassle finding good quality liver. Also, grinding the bones with the meat would be even better for your cats but that is for people who are willing to invest in a grinder capable of grinding bones (I have a simple grinder that attaches to our Kitchen Aid). It would also require a different supplement. I am not that dedicated, although maybe someday I will be.

Our Quasi Catio

Our Florida home does not have a catio like our West Virginia home but we do have a Florida room that is a little bit like a catio. It is surrounded by big windows and the cats do enjoy being out there.

What makes it different is the glass windows. The feeling of being outside, the sounds and the smells, are lost when the windows are closed, and they are usually closed because the air conditioner is running.

Now that winter is coming we should be able to open them a little but, unfortunately, opening them more than three or four inches will likely result in Frankie or Chris pushing the screen out of the frame

I just need to make a point of bringing them out for walks when I can.

Cat on a Not Tin Roof

Here is another Bad Cat Frankie post from March of 2015 for Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris was not the center of attention during the cat’s weekly outing in our backyard on Sunday. Frankie took that trophy in a big way. He not only caught the only lizard of the day, he managed to climb onto our roof. He then was unsure how to get down.


Unfortunately, I have not perfected my movie making skills yet and was distracted by bringing Puck into the house when he made his way to the roof. I then spent the next 10 minutes following Frankie with the camera as he searched for a way down. Unknown to me then, the last half of that time was spent with the record button off. He did finally jump down to the roof of our neighbor’s truck and everything ended well.

Here is the video from Sunday. If you don’t want to watch the entire thing, I recommend starting at around 5:22.

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