Frankie the Lizard Hunter

Chris is not the only lizard catcher in the family. Frankie, while not as good as Chris, did manage to snag a lizard on Saturday.

He carried the lizard around for a minute and then set him down so he could have fun catching him again. Unfortunately for Frankie, the lizard was faster the second time.

By the way, that is not blood on Frankie’s paw. It’s some kind of plant matter that he picked up with the lizard, like the leaf hanging from his mouth.


17 thoughts on “Frankie the Lizard Hunter

  1. iamthesunking

    Oh my goodness, a lizard! 🤣🤣😢 One of my blog followers told me that her cats bring in tarantulas which live in the wild in her part of the US. 🤢


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