Frankie’s Long Walks

Frankie sometimes likes to go far on his walks. I almost always pick him up and carry him home before we get too far away because I don’t want to have to carry him too far. Earlier this year I let him go to see how far he would walk. I did eventually encourage him to turn left after we reached the farthest point he has ever gone, but I did not pick him up or force him in that direction. Eventually, we walked a very large loop and ended up back home.

Saturday morning we went out for one of the earliest walks ever. I don’t remember the time exactly but I think it was around 6:45. It was about a half hour before sunrise.

You can see the artificial light from the street lamps.

Since it was not hot outside yet I let Frankie take me on another long walk. This time we did a large loop in the other direction. By the time the sun came up, he was ready to “stop.”

But we pressed on and made our way to one of the main streets where Frankie turned left toward home. When we got close, Frankie saw an old friend.

Frankie was interested but she ran off in the other direction. Probably because I was there.

After the first long walk, I checked Google Maps and it said we walked eight-tenths of a mile. I drew both walks on a map and found them to be similar distances.

The blue path was the first long walk and the green path was from Saturday. I looked up how far an average domestic cat travels and found one website that says a housecat will travel between a few dozen feet to a little over a half mile per day. A feral cat will travel farther. Since Frankie walked almost a mile, twice, in about forty-five minutes, I would say he is not an average housecat.


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