Letting Go is Hard to Do, Especially When it’s a Lizard

Here is Chris the famous lizard hunter for throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

Chris slipped past me and out the door twice on Sunday. The first time he caught a lizard right away. Even though Chris has gained some weight lately, he is still better at catching lizards, and everything else, than all the other cats we have ever had. When he does catch a lizard, he wants to immediately bring it in the house.

I’m not sure why he has to bring his catch inside but he will just sit at the door with a lizard hanging from his mouth until someone lets him in. That was not going to happen Sunday and I tried to get him to let it go but he was not up for that.

Does anyone else have a cat that has to bring their catch inside?

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21 thoughts on “Letting Go is Hard to Do, Especially When it’s a Lizard

          1. iamthesunking

            Oh. Saint. Jésus! 😱😱😱 “Playing keep-away”! I’ve never used that expression, yet I know exactly what it means. So will every other cat owner, irrespective of whether they’ve used it. I can’t believe that, after chucking it out, Chris brought it back in!

  1. iamthesunking

    By the way, I have been considering doing a throwback feature on my blog. Would you be ok for me to do this and link back to yours, as it was your blog that inspired me?

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is okay with me but I don’t think I was first so no need credit me. I do think I was 1st with photo Friday. At the time people were doing wordless Wednesday but I could not be wordless.

      1. iamthesunking

        I’d be happy to link to your blog, though, so that anyone who hasn’t discovered the joys of your gang can do so. Wordless would be quite a challenge as I like words better than sounds or pictures!


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