Letting Go is Hard to Do, Especially When it’s a Lizard

Chris slipped past me and out the door twice on Sunday. The first time he caught a lizard right away. Even though Chris has gained some weight lately, he is still better at catching lizards, and everything else, than all the other cats we have ever had. When he does catch a lizard, he wants to immediately bring it in the house.

I’m not sure why he has to bring his catch inside but he will just sit at the door with a lizard hanging from his mouth until someone lets him in. That was not going to happen Sunday and I tried to get him to let it go but he was not up for that.

Does anyone else have a cat that has to bring their catch inside?


22 thoughts on “Letting Go is Hard to Do, Especially When it’s a Lizard

  1. onespoiledcat

    Sam doesn’t catch anything “sizeable” when he’s outside but once in a while a butterfly or big bug and he absolutely is DESPERATE to get it inside the house……maybe because that’s where they “usually” eat something or it’s a matter of wanting to be comfortable when they devour their “prey” – not sure but Sam insists on coming in with whatever he’s managed to catch!


      1. onespoiledcat

        Nope he just wants to have his trophy INSIDE….maybe in Chris’s case he knows if the lizard gets loose at least he knows it’s trapped in the house…outside it’s GONE GONE GONE! Now if he’s already killed it, he just wants to be inside to enjoy his snack in comfort! LOL

        1. Charles Huss Post author

          I don’t think they ever eat it. They just play with it until it’s done and then leave its carcass for we can’t find it. If Chris would eat the thing I wouldn’t mind quite as much that he killed it, however I don’t like to see it die for nothing.

  2. Rantasalot

    Chis wants only to play with that lizard, as you said. When at wants to bring in a mouse or some ded animal, I think that they want to show what they have got, and wait to be called a great cat. I would be nice to here what Chris by himself says.

  3. Summer

    The cat before Sparkle used to want to bring her catch inside. One time, it was a squirrel she wanted to bring through the kitchen back door! It was already dead, so my human looked down at her sternly, pointed to the far end of the back yard and said, “Take it there.” So… she did! She was a very smart cat and very in tune with my human.

  4. elizabetcetera

    I just love how you talk to Chris like he’s a rational human being — it’s hilarious! You’re so nice and gentle with Chris. Is it possible that you’re not using catspeak? — It seems like Chris doesn’t seem to mind you and does his own thing.


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