Frankie’s Belated Gotcha Day

I forgot Frankie’s Gotcha Day which was last week on the 9th. Since his chart labeled him as three years old, I also consider it his eleventh birthday. Frankie was actually an early Valentine’s Day gift for my wife in 2014. she wanted a cat instead of jewelry that year. Rose’s previous cat, Puck, became my cat as did Frankie, eventually, which is why we got Floki but I’m getting ahead of myself.

You can read about Frankie’s adoption here. I also posted several photos of Frankie in two posts three years later. See the first one here. I won’t repeat those here but I do want to show some newer photos of Frankie as well as one photo from day one that I forgot about.

Here is Frankie on his first day with a blanket in his mouth.

I thought that habit developed later.

Here he is in 2017 on one of his walks that he loves.

cat looking up tree

Here he is with Floki enjoying the catio we built at a previous home in 2018, days before Puck died.

cute cats on catio

Here he is after one of his many escapes. He uses vehicles to make it difficult for me to catch him. If I get close, he simply backs up where I can’t reach him.

I always consider Chris to be the touchy-feely cat but Frankie has his moments. Here he is with Puck.

We usually see Frankie stretched out.

But sometimes he likes to curl up into a ball.

We are very happy we adopted Frankie and I think he is happy too.


35 thoughts on “Frankie’s Belated Gotcha Day

  1. Doug Thomas

    I have to agree with Pam of onespoiledcat! I’d love living with a Frankie, and did have a ginger tabby cat once that was a sweetie. Belated or not, Happy Gottcha Day, Frankie! You won life’s lotto getting to live where you do!

  2. databbiesotrouttowne

    happee bee lated two ewe dood N heerz ta de next 500 !!! we gived yur movee 84 pawz UP even tho R pawz up dinna count over ther at de moovee place for sum reezon….hope yur dayz grate N everee getz ta share sum perch pizz pie !! 🙂 ♥♥


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