Chris Proofing the New Home

Chris has always been good at getting into things. Here is one example from June of 2015 for Throwback Thursday.

Bad Cat Chris

Before we moved into our new home, Rose told me I needed to do something about the hole under the bathroom sink. She was worried Chris would get under there (which he is good at) and manage to get inside the walls.

I assumed it was a hole like we had in our last home when we moved in. That one was under the kitchen sink. It was an opening that allowed the pipes to come through the wall but it was bigger than necessary. At that time she was worried about bugs getting in so I filled the opening with foam insulation.

Shortly after that I noticed there were pieces of foam scattered around under the sink and then saw a large hole was chewed through the foam. We had a rat! I don’t remember if I realized it at the time but it was sure clear a few…

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