Chris Proofing the New Home

Before we moved into our new home, Rose told me I needed to do something about the hole under the bathroom sink. She was worried Chris would get under there (which he is good at) and manage to get inside the walls.

I assumed it was a hole like we had in our last home when we moved in. That one was under the kitchen sink. It was an opening that allowed the pipes to come through the wall but it was bigger than necessary. At that time she was worried about bugs getting in so I filled the opening with foam insulation.

Shortly after that I noticed there were pieces of foam scattered around under the sink and then saw a large hole was chewed through the foam. We had a rat! I don’t remember if I realized it at the time but it was sure clear a few days late when I opened the door to put trash in the small garbage can we kept under the sink and saw a large rat in the can. I quickly covered the can with a cutting board and then dumped the rat outside. I then nailed some wood over the hole.

But this hole was not like that one. This hole was almost big enough to shove a body into and definitely big enough for a cat, even a fat, bad cat. I discovered that when Chris opened the cabinet door and walked inside. It was then that I remembered what Rose warned me about and I quickly looked under the sink to see what she was talking about. When I saw the opening, I grabbed Chris and pulled him out of there. He was not happy about that and let me know.


Inside this large cavity there was an opening both to the left and right. I could even see daylight coming through the left opening.

IMG_20150524_113350_722I needed to keep Chris out of there until I could find a permanent solution. I started looking for something long enough to stick through the handles when Rose remembered we had leftover baseboard. It worked.



As soon as I was able, I bought child safety locks and put them on the doors.


This worked but I was concerned because Chris was adamant about getting through the security and I did not doubt his ability.


I decided to add a second level of security so I cut out some aluminum screening and stapled it over the opening.

20150531_under sinkt_1516

Good thing I did because later that day Chris managed to break one of the child locks.

20150531_Camera Test_1519

Of course, Chris is still getting into the other cabinets but I don’t worry so much about that.


I apologise for the quality of some of these pictures but they were taken with my phone in low light and I thought they would be somewhat useful to tell the story.





32 thoughts on “Chris Proofing the New Home

  1. Carole

    That is one clever cat 🙂

    We had to cat-proof our home before bringing Sammie home. I’m glad she doesn’t open cabinets though. At least not yet.

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      When we first got him he was staying one step in front of us. Every time we would figure out how to stop him from doing something bad, he would figure out a way to beat it.

  2. pilch92

    As I was reading this, I somehow knew Chris was going to get past those child proof locks- he is quite impressive.

      1. PigLove

        Oh do tell. I need a direct line to Bad Chris for some tips. Little wooden gates I have accomplished, pushed down and jumped on with success. Now there is a METAL gate separating me from the kitchen. I can’t push it down. XOXO – Bacon

  3. krick123d

    I would like to see how in the world Chris could break that child proof lock! HOW? Could you set up a camera to capture the “crime”?


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