Stray Kittens

In a recent post I talked about a stray kitten that came up to our catio door to check us out. This kitten was not afraid of people and sniffed my hand when I put it up to the screen. I also said I thought I saw another kitten but I wasn’t sure. Now I am sure, or at least pretty sure. There seems to be two kittens that hang out together. These pictures were taken through my front door window yesterday morning. Please forgive the less-than-great quality.

I believe the one on the right is the one that came up to the screen the other day and the girl on the left is probably the one I thought I saw first that evening.

I want to help them. I have a desire to go out with food and maybe take them in and get them fixed or whatever. Unfortunately, I know nothing about them. I do know that the people behind us are taking care of several strays and these two are probably part of that group. There are other people nearby that also help. Perhaps these cats are already fixed or soon will be. Since we are only here temporarily, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I also don’t want to start feeding cats only to stop at the end of next month.


18 thoughts on “Stray Kittens

  1. onespoiledcat

    Your neighbors might have info on these two – they’re beautiful kittens….you’re right – if you take care of them they will bond with you and when you leave for Florida they will be looking for help again. It’s sad but nice that you care…………

    Hugs, Pam

  2. easyweimaraner

    maybe your neighbors can tell who takes care or what plans they have? you are such fab people, you see it and you think about help immediately… wish all people would have such a big heart for our furfriends in need…

  3. Summer

    Yes, ask the neighbors about them, and find out who is taking care of them. If they are friendly, they are used to people, at least to a certain extent, and they don’t look hungry. Our neighbor was feeding the kittens that live in our backyard, but she didn’t know much about TNR, so my human took care of it. She only fed them dinner (the neighbor gives them breakfast every day) until she was able to get them all TNR’d.


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