Trading Spaces

It seems our cats’ favorite napping spots are forever evolving and changing. What is popular in June may be forgotten about in July.

Recently, Chris has been mostly interested in sleeping in either of his two cat beds.

Frankie likes to spend time on my workout bench. At least someone uses it.

He also likes napping on the Jackson Galaxy bed.

Floki hangs out on one of the bookcase shelves.

Lately things have been changing. For one thing, Floki has been getting into Chris’s bed.

Floki even started spending time on Frankie’s bed.

And he discovered the workout bench, which Frankie wasn’t happy about.

A couple of weeks ago Chris started spending much of his time in the cat tree cubby.

He was there so often that we worried that he might be sick. Fortunately, he stopped going in there and started hanging out on Floki’s shelf, much to Floki’s displeasure.

Do your pets have a favorite spot and if so does it change periodically?


29 thoughts on “Trading Spaces

  1. caren

    Cody used to go from bed to bed. Roary is more a creature of habit. He’s mostly in the cat tree and in one of the cat beds in our bedroom. The cat bed in the bedroom was primarily Angel Bobo’s…..Cody only used it occasionally. It was one of the last beds he used though 😦

    1. Charles Huss Post author

      That is amazing that you had that cat bed for so long. After Abbey died, nobody used her cat bed so Rose wanted me to get rid of it. I did feel bad parting with it.

  2. lois

    Chris’s expression in that last photo…I know that look! It’s usually followed by a quick swat. Your cats all seem to be snugglers. Floki looks comfortable everywhere!

  3. The Hinoeuma

    Ollie is all over the place…bed, rocking chair, desk, back of the leather couch, middle of the floor, the recliner, window seat with plants, under the couch, under the recliner, on the dryer, in my lap…

    Ken bought him a bed, once. He peed in it. To him, it wasn’t a bed. It looked like a litter box so, he treated it, appropriately. He likes to pee in the Chewy boxes…after he has hopped in them a couple of times and played. If it is box shaped, you’re supposed to pee in it, by Ollie logic.

  4. 15andmeowing

    That last photo is priceless. It is good they have a lot of choices. My cats like to mix it up too. 🙂

  5. onespoiledcat

    Teddy has the whole house for a bed but does have some spots he prefers. He’s not a cat bed kind of guy though. When he’s outside he has a favorite spot under a shrub. Wherever the mood hits, that’s his nap spot!

    Hugs, Pam

  6. CatLadyintheCanyon

    Awwww, so cute! Especially the photos of Flokiand Chris! My new kitty, Samantha once loved a shelf in my bookcase so I cleared it for her…and now she’s over it and onto an extra large window sill.


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