A Healthy Alternative to Cat Treats

Here is a post from early 2015 for Throwback Thursday. A few things have changed since this post, like I now prefer Rawz over Blue Buffalo, but I still give them Stella and Chewy’s as treats and they have not grown tired of it.

Bad Cat Chris

If your cats are like mine, they love their cat treats. For years I was buying very small packages of treats for three to four dollars each to help bring a little happiness to my furry friends. I’ve also known that they were not exactly a healthy food for my cats but I figured the small amount once or twice a day wouldn’t hurt them.

I have since changed my thinking. For several years I have been learning about natural health for humans and have tried to apply some of that knowledge to our cats. It has been a slow process. I spent a few years buying frozen, raw food and then struggling to get them to eat it. My plan is to buy a meat grinder and make it myself but I’m not sure that will be any more successful. In the meantime, I feed them a quality, grain-free canned…

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7 thoughts on “A Healthy Alternative to Cat Treats

  1. cat9984

    (My computer has some kind of small fit. Sorry.) Snoops never liked treats and Kommando has zero self control, so I don’t buy treats


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